Perfection in the classics

Kapper is more than just a barbershop.
Join us and feel the atmosphere of a real gentlemen’s salon

- We follow traditional approaches in our work.

- We thought through everything down to the last detail: smells, light, sounds to create a great atmosphere in our salon.

- We unite different people, create new projects and donate part of the earnings to charity.

Why us?

The essence of traditional approaches is a combination of practicality and sophistication. We create haircuts that help men feel easy / relaxed and confident every day.

Every detail of the interior in Kapper complements the overall atmosphere, which contributes to the birth of new ideas and projects. We are aware of the responsibility, so we give part of the earnings to charity.

We don't just cut and shave.
We help you to become a better version of yourself.

Classic and elegant expression of your individual style
from 350 uah
Beard trim and shave
We adjust the details and shape for a perfect look
from 300 uah
Haircut and beard trim
Everything a man needs to look great
from 550 uah
Royal shave
Shave with a safety razor using hot towels
Buzz cut
Nothing needless, quick and loose
from 300 uah
from 250 uah


That’s what we do best

1 hour
1 hour
1,5 hour
1 hour
40 min
One master for two of you. Great opportunity to spend time together
Father and son
from 650 uah
2 hour
Kids haircut (5+ years old)
We will give a haircut to a kid above the age of 5.
from 350 uah
1 hour
Hair wash and styling with the use of hairdryer and hair care products
from 150 uah
30 min

Real professionals. 70% of our customers are regular.


Are you interested in our trade?

Join the highest level masters school.
Become part of our team.
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